Where Are the 10 Fastest Growing Cities in Virginia? I think an interesting aspect of real estate in Virginia is where we are having the most growth and the fastest growing real estate markets. These areas could be great locations to move your primary residence and watch your equity grow or could be excellent locations for investment properties that you buy, rent out and hold for long term growth. Growth can happen for a number of reasons: cost of living, proximity to commuter routes or the area has grown to encourage new infrastructure, retail, or business. 

Here are the 10 Fastest Growing Cities in Virginia; 

1. Fincastle – 113.9% Growth

2. Lovettsville – 67% Growth

3. Port Royal – 55.6% Growth

4. Hillsboro – 42.5% Growth

5. Round Hill – 28.6% Growth

6. Louisa – 27.8% Growth

7. Boyce – 27.2% Growth

8. Culpeper – 22.5% Growth

9. Hamilton – 22.3% Growth

10. Manassas Park – 20.6% Growth

What makes Virginia especially appealing is the focus on Smart Growth. Virginiaplaces.org states; “The model smart growth pattern is to build “town centers” where people walk/bus to not only their jobs, but also to schools, shopping, and recreational areas. In mixed use town centers, housing and shopping and offices are co-located within walking distance – or even within the same building.” Having a home with a high walking score is not only important to Millennials but the Silent generation too. As traffic jams continue to plague major cities more focus will be turned toward smart city growth; green belts, solar, public transit and walkable communities. 

Are any of these cities on your radar? Curious about selling or relocating to another area in Virginia? I can help! I have 20+ years of real estate experience to help you figure it out.