Real estate can be an emotional undertaking so it’s important to look at the hard facts about the process to help guide you through the decision making process. One of the earliest decisions you have to make in the home selling process is what you are going to do with all your stuff. This can be very triggering for some people and can create stress just thinking about going through their things, organizing their stuff or deciding to donate or trash it. This is why it is critical to have your Realtor there as early in the process as possible to give you moving recommendations, professional packing help, resources for donation pickup and also help you determine what should stay and what should go in terms of your furniture. This is a critical step especially if you are going to have the home professionally staged. 

A new survey of 1,000 Americans found that the most stressful event in life is moving. The survey, conducted by OnePoll, found 45% of respondents say moving is by far the most stressful event in life, followed by going through a break-up or divorce (44%).

Staging can include paint recommendations, suggestions for the appliances and lighting.Many times you will need to paint or touch up. It’s a fact of life when selling. The trend is still neutral grays like Revere Pewter or Agreeable Gray.  It can also include a detailed list of things to remove.  Frequently homeowners have HUGE pieces of furniture they just don’t want to deal with like armoire, TV consoles or game tables like poker and billiards. It is much better to know earlier than later the things you need to attack and remove because it is cumbersome and annoying to move these things at the last minute. 

The goal is to create a warm, inviting, bright, spacious and neutral space for prospective  buyers. This is not for every seller though. If your home already looks like a model home you do not need to stage. If you are selling your home AS-IS you do not need to stage your home. Staging works for people who need a fresh look, to emphasize certain aspects of the house and for people who are willing to do |ALL the things a stager will ask of the. If you decide staging is right for you, the results are undeniable. 

96% of realtors believe that home staging positively influences a buyer’s decision.

31% of buyers claimed staging their home increased their offer on a home.

47% of buyers’ agents cited that home staging has a positive effect on the home buying process.

The key to home staging is tapping into a buyer’s psychology. It’s the same concept as packaging a product to make it appeal to a target market. Home staging ensures that the home looks its best and captures the emotion of buyers, who are making one of the biggest purchases of their lifetime. If you are thinking about selling and want to explore your options get in touch with me! The earlier the better! Get in touch with me today to explore all your options.