I get asked fairly frequently how the real estate market is and thankfully my business is flowing and I am actively working in all sectors of the market right now. I think it is so important to not make “arm chair” judgements about the market based on the media but rather talk about how things are going locally in the region from an insider perspective. 


I am going to outline some of the predictions that have been made nationally and then compare them to Northern Virginia. You will see that we just don’t get hit as hard as other parts of the country, not to mention we have an active relocation business in our area, & will have a turnover in the senate plus  we are heading the 2024 election season which will result in more turnover in our housing market. 


Here is a summary of some of the predictions by the experts on how the year is going to unfold for buyers and sellers across the country


Northern Virginia on the other hand will see


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