Top 10 Reasons to Move to the DMV Region. The variety of landscapes, rich history, and various things to do across Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland attract not just tourists, but also residents.

My Grandparents moved to McLean, VA in the early 1960’s. My Grandmother knew it was the perfect little “hamlet” to raise her family. My Grandfather retired from the Navy as a Captain and went into a 2nd career at The Pentagon so geographically it made sense. Some of my fondest memories are walking through the inner sanctum of the Pentagon with my Grandfather. What my family was looking for back in the 60’s is the same thing people are still looking for today; location, a safe and secure community with tons of things to do nearby!  

Below are some of the top reasons that people chose to relocate to the area in 2021.

Here are ten other reasons you might want to consider:

Location, location, location! Home to some of the nation’s major metropolitan hubs, the cities within the DMV region offer all the major conveniences and support a diverse range of amenities. Outside city limits, locals can spend time exploring nature, visiting the Atlantic Ocean or the Appalachian mountains.

The DMV is a melting pot of cultures, values, and interests, which offers a multitude of opportunities for you to connect with like-minded people.

As home to numerous major tech, defense, and government agencies, residents of the Northern Virginia and DC Metro regions are better insulated from shifts in the economy and real estate market.

The state of Virginia has more than 300 wineries to choose from. Discover more about the state’s award-winning wines and unique winery experiences here.

DMV locals can take advantage of over 14 beaches in a 45 mile radius from Washington D.C. for a quick getaway.

Virginia’s educational system consistently ranks in the top ten states on the U.S. Department of Education’s National Assessment of Educational Progress, with Virginia students outperforming the average in almost all subject areas and grade levels tested.

With Harpers Ferry National Park and Antietam National Battlefield a little over one hour from DC, the region is rich in American history.

Attractions like the Smithsonian Museums, Busch Gardens, and local agritourism options provide countless opportunities for fun.

Virginia is a fantastic spot for foodies, check out VA Foodie’s lists of the best places to eat, drink, dine and source local food.

The autumn colors of Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park will take your breath away.

This makes it easy to see why it’s a pretty good place to move. If you’re thinking Washington D.C, Northern Virginia, or one of Maryland’s five regions, might be a fit for you, I can help!