Do you think your home will be “sold on social media”? Social media & real estate marketing are forever intertwined. Social media has become an integral part of our lives and impacts us in a variety of ways, especially in the way people are buying real estate. 72% of Millennials say social media impacts their buying decisions, followed by 66% of Gen Z. 

Realtors use social media in a variety of ways now but that wasn’t always true! When I first started in the business the newspaper was the sole source for open house information. With the dawn of Zillow in 2006, Realtors like myself saw the immediate benefit of putting listings online. The top 2 results were that it boosted sales for the listing and generated leads.

In 2022, being robustly on social media is absolutely critical for your success in real estate. The objectives have not changed, you want to use social media to boost sales and generate leads. Being on social media successfully is an art and takes time, education and a degree of passion. 

I have worked on my social media consistently for 3 years, starting slowly and as I grew more comfortable picking up new channels or ways to be online. This changes constantly since I rely on insights and analytics to see what is working, who is watching and when people are consuming my content. It is not always an exact science either but it is an important part of the process to be analytic of the content you are creating and post daily.  

I enjoy technology and try to stay on top of the best apps, the best programs or methods to keep my real estate business chugging along in the 21st century. The Top 3 channels I post on for marketing real estate and my real estate business are Instagram, Facebook and Google My Business. However, I also use Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn,TikTok and my website. Some of the techniques I use to market my listings are highlighting the photos of a home in a Reel, creating fun and visually enticing videos and going live at the home on Facebook/Instagram. 

Listing in the MLS also ensures that my listings with their creative remarks, HD photos,video and information will be syndicated to Realtor.com, Homes.com & The Washington Post and then utilize ListHub to syndicate our listing information to 66,000 Brokerages, 600 MLS data sources and 150+ real estate-centric websites. That’s a lot of online exposure and that’s a good thing since houses with more likes online sell for more money according to NBC News!  

When it comes to listing a home and creating a successful social media strategy, I am committed to using the most effective marketing methods to consistently get the highest sold prices for my sellers. If you are curious what I can do for your home, get in touch with me. Work with an agent who is one of the 18% of Realtors nationwide who are using social media successfully for themselves & their clients.