The Return to School: How to Prepare

Going back to the Fall school and sports schedule can be jarring. No more relaxing bedtimes or late dinners by the pool. Now I get the meals planned for the week on Sunday, calendar out the week on my phone & on the family calendar simultaneously coordinating rides to after school activities. It gets a little bananas! If you are anything like me, using a few hacks to get back into the groove is not a bad thing.  

Here are four tips to help facilitate a smooth transition into the fall grind.

Create a routine

If you’re picking up a new routine, get started a few weeks ahead of the first day of school so that your kids are well adjusted prior to the first day. 

For bedtime changes or an earlier wake up time, make the shift gradually – by 5 or 10 minutes every few days. 

Pick out clothes the night before to reduce early-morning delays.

Keep any morning responsibilities simple – make the bed, wash face, brush teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast.

Be sure your day starts a few minutes ahead of the kids; taking some quiet time helps set the stage for an unhurried morning. 

Find a good morning playlist to help motivate the kids and keep spirits up. When the last song plays, it’s time to head out the door.

Continue the routine after school, incorporating time for sports, homework, dinner, and relaxation.

Trouble settling into bed? Spend a few minutes meditating or reading before turning off the lights.

Set expectations

Explaining what to expect during the school year will help reduce their anxiety. Help them understand what their school day will be like, what your expectations are for grades and responsibilities.

How will drop-off / pick-up work?

What is their class schedule?

Who are their teachers?

What’s the plan for lunch?

Give kids a chance to socialize

Socialization, like any skill, takes practice. Give them a chance to spend time with friends, join clubs, play sports and develop hobbies.These are skills that will last a lifetime and build relationships that stand the test of time. 

Make time to talk

Be a sounding board for your kids. Whether it’s in the car on your daily commute, around the dinner table, or during a few quiet minutes before bed, having a consistent and undistracted time for conversation is important. Open dialogue will help you identify issues sooner rather than later.

As a working Mom of twins I find that setting a routine and creating realistic expectations is the best way to juggle my real estate clients and my family. If you or anyone you know is looking to buy or sell now that things are settling down for the fall please get in touch with me. Your referrals are what keep me going!